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Quickstart Tutorial

Let's create a new bot in less than 5 minutes.

Build a Customer Service bot

For this demo we'll create a Mottle Customer Service Bot. This is the same bot that welcomes users when they first login to Mottle.


To play with the bot yourself, login to Mottle for the very first time. You can talk to the demo bot until you upload your very first document, at which point it will disappear.

1. Login to create a blank bot

Get started by logging in to Mottle with your Google, Microsoft or Github account.

Logging in will automatically create a new blank bot, called MottleBot.

2. Customize your bot

Navigate to your Bot's setting page.

Here you can tweak certain settings:

  • Your bot's name:

    MottleBot works fine for this demo

  • Your bot's personality:

    You are a helpful bot helping customers build their first chatbot.

  • Some "sticky context":

    Mottle is a website that allows people to create their own chatbots by simply uploading their own documents.

  • A failure message:

    I'm not sure about that. Maybe try contacting support?

3. Add your data

The groundtruth data for this bot will be a text file with a number of FAQs. We could add more information if we'd like, for example policy documents, our terms and conditions, privacy policies, case studies, etc, but for now we'll keep it simple.

Navigate to your bot's Training Page.

Upload document

We're going to first pull in the FAQ page from Mottle, and then edit that document to our liking.

Click on the "Upload Document" icon, or drag the following file onto the browser window: demobot.txt.


You may like to see how we've structured the .txt file for ideas on how you could do the same.

Note, you can use the special token ==//== on a new line to separate your content into "chunks" or "snippets". This helps our software pull the best information at query time to answer the user's question.


Use the ==//== token where possible for the best results.

4. Query your bot

Go to the Test Your Bot page and enter some test queries:

  • How can I make a bot
  • What are the limits of a bot?
  • Can you make my bot for me?
  • 你好 (hello in Chinese)

5. Debug answers

You may now want to debug the answers by visiting the Debug Answers screen. Here you'll see each of your most recent queries, along with the snippets that were used to answer the questions.

If your bot gave an incorrect answer, try modifying the .txt file, re-uploading, and trying again.

Good bot building takes some trial-and-error, until you've got things exactly the way you'd like them. It's also very interesting to see real user queries come in. (The real Mottlebot continues to be a work in progress.)

6. Embed on a website or use the API (optional)

Now that you have a working bot, you can head to the Publish / API page and either embed it on a website, or use the API to integrate with other apps.

7. Delete your bot

Once you've finished playing with your bot go to the Settings page and under "Danger Zone" click "Delete this bot".

Once the bot is deleted, you'll have a new blank bot you can work with.


Deleting your bot will immediately delete all documents and query logs. This cannot be undone.

What's Next?

Why not try building one with your own data? As a starting point, try uploading your FAQ page. You might like to identify other documents that might be helpful, or begin to augment the FAQ.

After that, you might like to integrate your bot into Slack, a Facebook Page, Discord, Microsoft Teams or Email.